Aguas Arriba Lodge

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We are Ivor and Pato, Patricia García…

We met during the second stage of our lives, with teenage children eager to share and spend time with the family…

With them we discovered amazing places in our Patagonia in each of our trips.

We were ready to have a project together and we started to look for the right place to do it.

“–Pato, landscaper, humanistic counsellor, in love with nature, trees, mountains, people… She has worked 20 years designing and building up gardens–.”

“–Ivor, engineer, loves sports and outdoor life, ready to discover places and new adventures. He worked for 30 years, in oil and gas companies… It was time for a change–.”

We visited lakes, mountains, cities, small villages, and after having travelled the Argentine and Chilean Patagonia, we arrived in one of our trips to El Chalten in year 1999…

“–A picture of Mount Fitz Roy at dawn had caught Pato’s attention back in the 80’s, and this image was engraved in her soul. The possibility of finally knowing it remained pending until this moment–.”

In El Chaltén, we made the first contact with magic… with its history and its nice people… who love its trails, its mountains… We felt moved. Pioneers who left everything behind to come and settle in this small place far away from it all.

So many stories of the first Italian and French mountaineers trying to beat these mountains and conquer their peaks, Cerro Torre and Mount Fitz Roy left us breathless… The chronicles of captain Fitz Roy himself together with Charles Darwin on his voyage through this region and later those of our Francisco Moreno, exploring its valleys, and its white water rivers to discover the giant glaciers hiding in the heart of the Patagonia, all this was an invitation to travel back in time and surprise us with their remarkable accomplishments.

On the following day we drove along the road to Lago del Desierto, which had only been opened in 1995, rocks, stones and some trees where still lying along on the sides.

And we arrived at Lago del Desierto and we were surprised by the green of its forests, the hanging glaciers… we went hiking through a trail and we discovered the north face of Mount Fitz Roy reflected in the water, hardly known at that time, the pure forests of lengas, coihues and ñires, lichens, falls of fresh and pure water, the lake of such a transparent water that looks like take out of fairy tale … And amidst the magical flashes of light from the water drops lightened by the sun, the leaves hanging from the trees and the scent of wet and pure earth with moss in its soil, we realized that this was the place, and it was inviting us to stay.

We had the opportunity to buy a plot of land on the lake. A place only reachable by boat, and right then, with tears of emotion and happiness, we began the difficult adventure of building Aguas Arriba Lodge.

We were convinced that we wanted to take care of the place, this was our main purpose. Despite the remoteness of the place, we wanted to set out a sustainable project and commit ourselves to the preservation of all that surrounded us.

We were referred to an architecture studio based in Bariloche, specialized in mountain houses, Tiburcio Begue. We met Tiburcio Begue, it was wonderful because he understood what we wanted right in our first conversation.

We wanted to achieve a simple architecture, that blends in with the landscape, a traditional construction that would not clash with the environment.

With very few rooms because we wanted our guests to feel like at home with friends.

We used noble materials, cypress wood, stones brought from nearby beaches, black roofs which reflected the sky and lots of glass to be able to enjoy the inside-out effect and where also the mountains, the glacier and the lake could reflect.

Working during four seasons, living in tents. We did not want to leave any trace, everything was very difficult, 2500 boat trips to bring in the materials, the equipment, looking after the staff that lived with us, cold, rain, snow, wind.

We chose the place very carefully, thinking about it, feeling the place, where the strongest winds came from, where we were more protected, where the water that came from the mountain passed through … where the sun shone more to save energy, and that’s how Aguas Arriba Lodge was born.

We built only 5 comfortable bedrooms, with large windows looking onto the lake, the glacier and Mount Fitz Roy. Allowing the visit of a family, a group of friends or couples…

Home made, simple, healthy food… the fireplace on with our guests gathered around it, talking about their trips, memories, showing pictures, drinking a Patagonian wine, listening to music or playing the guitar.

We discovered magical trails so that you can re-unite with nature, trails with little or no people, secret corners for those who know how to look and enjoy and challenging hikes for those more adventurous.

This is what we offer to our guests, for all those who choose us today, year after year, after having travelled throughout the world, having visited the best hotels, coming to Aguas Arriba Lodge to discover a new experience…

Our priorities are our guest.

We have been here at the lake for over 10 years and it gives us a lot of pleasure to receive you. All those who already know us, know how much we enjoy to share moments, hikes, going out fishing or simply listening to you and enjoying your company.

We are extremely joyful to be able to share our home.

Aguas Arriba Lodge

Thank you!!!

Ivor y Pato


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We are Ivor and Pato, Patricia García… We met during the second stage of our lives, with teenage...